Call for applications for EFIS Travel Grants for ECI 2015

EFIS is delighted to announce the availability of 200 travel grants for ECI 2015!



EFIS introduces a new support scheme for PhD courses

EFIS has launched a new program to support PhD courses and events organized by its affiliated Societies with fewer than 500 active members.



IUIS Statement on Ebola

The International Union of Immunological Societies has published in Frontiers in Immunology a position paper on the Ebola virus breakout: 'A Dead-End Host: is there a way out?' by Clive M Gray, Marylyn Addo, Reinhold E Schmidt.

ACTERIA Prizes awarded by EFIS: singling out Europe's young talents in immunology and allergology

Once again, EFIS is delighted to announce the ACTERIA Prizes awarded by EFIS in immunology and allergology. Four prizes in all - two to the best doctoral theses defended in the last 3 years and two to the best early career research to investigators with 10 years postdoctoral experience - will be awarded. The ACTERIA Doctoral Thesis Prizes carry a cash award of €15,000, while the ACTERIA Early Career Research Prizes amount to €25,000 each. In addition, awardees will automatically become eligible for 3-year research grants of up to €50,000 annually.

Full details on eligibility criteria and application guidelines are available on the dedicated website:

Deadline for submission of applications: December 31st, 2014.

EFIS launches "Women in Immunology" database

EFIS launches "Women in Immunology" database to facilitate gender equality among speakers, chairs and committee members in immunology-related meetings and as experts in decision-making bodies. We ask all our member societies to encourage their female members to register and create a profile in our "Women in Immunology" database. Experts will be classified according to sub-discipline and experience, in order to promote young investigators as well as more senior scientists in relevant organizations.


Why register?


The database aims to help scientists, universities, research institutions, political institutions, conference organizers and journal editors to identify appropriately qualified female immunologists:

  • as candidates for professorships and other positions
  • to speak at conferences and in seminar programmes
  • to participate in advisory groups, on monitoring panels, committees and commissions
  • to review manuscripts, to write commissioned reviews and to serve on the editorial boards of journals.

One can search for keywords, cities, institutions, etc., and filter records by research area, position, or country. Please note that "position" refers to the general career stage of the expert, in order to avoid confusion over employment titles across European nations.


Click here for more details:

Day of Immunology 2014 - "Focus on Vaccination"

The annual Day of Immunology (DoI) is just around the corner. Save the date: April 29, 2014! What are your plans for the DoI 2014? Please share your events with us ( so we can disseminate the information!


Although there will be no formal competition in 2014, initiatives organized for this year’s Day of Immunology (on or around April 29, 2014) will be eligible to compete for awards to be made at ECI 2015. Based on discussions with our member societies' representatives during ICI 2013 in Milan, and in view of the interest - both positive and negative – that the subject seems to be creating among the general public, the EFIS Board would like to invite Member Societies to consider organizing campaigns with a “Focus on Vaccinations”. Misconceptions about the safety of vaccines are arguably increasing, and an occasion like to the DoI offers an ideal opportunity to reach out to the public-at-large, particularly parents, in order to discuss and dismiss concerns. We hope you will thoughtfully choose to endorse efforts in this direction.



- The Irish Society for Immunology gives the public lecture award to Professor Michael Lenardo on the occasion of the DoI 2014 (


- World DoI 2014 and CME on PID (Primary Immuno Deficiency) being organised  by PIDPWS & ORDI in Association with IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrcians) in Bangalore on 27.4.2014 at  Bangalore Medical College from 10.30 onwards, graced by the Health Minister and Medical Education Minister Govt of Karnataka


- DoI 2014 at University Hospital Jena, Germany: Public Evening Lecture "Gefährliche Wächter. Wie das Immunsystem uns schützt und krank macht."

Flyer (pdf, 1,1 MB)



- Día de la inmunología en Madrid 26 Abril 2014

Este año la celebración será el sábado 26 de abril y estará centrada en la enfermedad celíaca y en la manera en que una proteína inofensiva como el gluten, que se encuentra en algunos cereales, puede llegar a confundir al sistema inmunitario y provocar múltiples alteraciones funcionales en los enfermos. Las reacciones inmunológicas adversas que puede provocar el consumo de gluten (inflamación, autoinmunidad, alergia) son un verdadero reto para los inmunólogos, pero también para la sociedad: se estima que hasta un 7% de la población padece alguna patología derivada del consumo de gluten (no sólo enfermedad celíaca) y debe hacer dieta sin gluten para recuperarse.

¡Participa! Program (pdf, 202 KB)


- DoI 2014 in Budapest, Hungary: Public lecture at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for lay people and high school kids


1.       How do vaccines protect against infections? – Prechl József

2.       Where do the new epidemics emerge? – Müller Viktor

3.       Current concepts of HPV vaccination – Koiss Róbert

Poster (pdf, 372 KB)


- Nature Reviews Immunology will be hosting an evening lecture on Tuesday 29th April 2014 to celebrate the International Day of Immunology. Guest speaker will be Professor Daniel Davis (University of Manchester), who will be talking about how immunology shapes our lives (tentative title: Immunological compatibility: from sex to survival).