To enhance interaction with its member societies and their local immunology communities, in 2016 EFIS launched the EFIS on Tour Symposium series. These half-day seminars organised on the Friday afternoon preceding the Board's traditional Saturday meeting feature talks by EFIS Board Members and speakers of the hosting societies. Beyond the immediate concrete result of providing a setting for societies to present their most important research lines and to showcase their emerging young talents in an open scientific exchange with the EFIS Board, the far-reaching goal of the EFIS on Tour Symposia is to engage national societies as much as possible at a grassroots level (bearing in mind that EFIS does not have direct contact with societies' membership bases), and to increase awareness about what EFIS endeavours to do to support the European community of researchers and clinicians working in immunology and related fields.

The EFIS Board is convinced that the EFIS on Tour Symposium series is an initiative that can effectively support the European immunology community and is hopeful that its national societies, especially its smaller members, will seek to take up on the opportunity to engage and share with EFIS to organise a symposium in the future.

For a complete review of the Symposium series, visit the dedicated page here.