Immunology Letters (IL)

Published by Elsevier as the official journal of the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS).


Luis Graça

Section Editors:

Francesco Annunziato
Marianne Boes
Jens Geginat
Vaclav Horejší
Bo Huang
Lorenzo Moretta
Simona Sivori
Hannes Stockinger


Immunology Letters provides a vehicle for the speedy publication of experimental papers, (mini)Reviews and Letters to the Editor addressing all aspects of molecular and cellular immunology. The essential criteria for publication will be clarity, experimental soundness and novelty. Results contradictory to current accepted thinking or ideas divergent from actual dogmas will be considered for publication provided that they are based on solid experimental findings.


Preference will be given to papers of immediate importance to other investigators, either by their experimental data, new ideas or new methodology. Scientific correspondence to the Editor-in-Chief related to the published papers may also be accepted provided that they are short and scientifically relevant to the papers mentioned, in order to provide a continuing forum for discussion.


Immunology Letters publishes 12 issues per year

Impact factor: 4.4 (July 2023)



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