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Immunology teaching resource: Meet the Weapons of Microscopic Destruction!

EFIS is delighted to share this excellent new resource developed by the Babraham Institute, UK, which has brought the immune system to life in its short animated immunology video now available in English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic. The video introduces the immune army and how the key cells of the immune system work together to keep us fit and healthy. Suitable for students from 14 years and older, the video stars the five main cell types making up your immune system:


  B cells: the ninjas who recognise any invader and make antibodies;



  T cells: the soldiers, sergeant majors and policemen of the immune system who coordinate attacks and kill;



Macrophages and dendritic cells, the surveillance squad who eat invaders and alert B and T cells; 



Neutrophils, the foot soldiers and first line of defence who detect invaders and unleash chemical weapons to kill. 


In addition to bringing the immune system to life using animation, the video features Babraham Institute researchers explaining how discoveries resulting from the Institute’s immunological research programme have helped advance our understanding of how the immune system works with important applications for healthcare and in an ageing population.


Watch and enjoy! Discover more resources on the Weapons of Microscopic Destruction website (English only), which provides additional information on the immune system, further resources and introductions to immunology researchers at the Institute.


The Babraham Institute gratefully acknowledges the support of a Communicating Immunology Grant from the British Society of Immunology which enabled the video translations.


Links to Weapons of Microscopic destruction video versions:

Weapons of Microscopic Destruction website


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In the beginning, we published the book “Your Amazing Immune System – How It Protects Your Body” as pdf or hard copy in different languages. Now, we offer you an educational web adaptation of the book, with quizzes and games, printable content and further info.


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The story told throughout the visuals is the story of a never-ending fight between the good ones, our white cells, and the bad ones, the viruses, bacteria, parasites and so on. If the immune system doesn’t win each time, hopefully there are immunologists to help. This is the morality of this virtual exhibition. The idea of this project came from the fact that research institutes produce incredible images and videos of what is going on inside our body (eg. a macrophage cell swallowing bacteria).


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One of our PR activities was the launch of a competition for the best short film concept, depicting the importance of immunology. Short films feature provocative and entertaining stories which spark debate in less than 10 minutes. Thus, a message is delivered that inspires an audience to learn more about a subject. EFIS supported the production of the short film "The Immunology Knight", the winning proposal by young director Luca Sabbioni from Italy. The EFIS board and the director welcome everyone to use the clip for other promotional activities on immunology. Bring immunological awareness to the public in your country, maybe even as an opener to cinemas, short film or science festivals!