EFIS on Tour

To enhance interaction with its member societies and their local immunology communities, in 2016 EFIS launched the EFIS on Tour Symposium series. These half-day seminars organised on the Friday afternoon preceding the Board's traditional Saturday meeting feature talks by EFIS Board Members and speakers of the hosting societies. Beyond the immediate concrete result of providing a setting for societies to present their most important research lines and to showcase their emerging young talents in an open scientific exchange with the EFIS Board, the far-reaching goal of the EFIS on Tour Symposia is to engage national societies as much as possible at a grassroots level (bearing in mind that EFIS does not have direct contact with societies' membership bases), and to increase awareness about EFIS endeavours to support the European community of researchers and clinicians working in immunology and related fields.

The EFIS Board is convinced that the EFIS on Tour Symposium series is an initiative that can effectively support the European immunology community and is hopeful that its national societies will seek to take up on the opportunity to engage and share with EFIS the possibility to organise a symposium in the future.

The EFIS Board welcomes national societies' proposals to host an EFIS on Tour symposium: if this is something your society is interested in doing, please complete the expression of interest form downloadable from www.efis.org and return it to EFIS via email at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Information and programmes on EFIS on Tour Symposia held thus far follow below.

The inaugural EFIS on Tour Symposium, co-organised by former, long-standing EFIS Secretary General Anna Erdei on behalf of the Hungarian Society for Immunology (MIT), was held c/o the prestigious Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest in July 2016. The complete programme can be downloaded here.

EFIS on Tour then moved to Athens in October 2016, hosted by the Hellenic Society of Immunology (HSI). Click here for the Symposium programme.

2017 saw two EFIS on Tour symposia, the first of which took place in March in Lisbon hosted by the Portuguese Society of Immunology (SPI) c/o the Institute of Molecular Medicine. For the full programme, click here.

Accepting the invitation of the Croatian Immunological Society (HID), the EFIS Board travelled to Zagreb in October 2017 for its fourth EFIS on Tour Symposium, held on occasion of the HID 2017 Annual Meeting. The complete programme of the event is available here.

The fifth EFIS on Tour Symposium took place in February 2018, hosted by the Bulgarian Society for Immunology (BuSI). Click here to download the complete programme.

The sixth EFIS on Tour Symposium saw the EFIS Board travelling to Tallinn to visit the Estonian Society for Immunology and Allergology (EIAS). For the full programme, click here.


The seventh EFIS on Tour symposium was hosted by the Immunological Society of Serbia (ISoS) in Belgrade on June 7th, 2019. Download the programme here.


EFIS held the eighth EFIS on Tour Symposium on September 27, 2019 in Istanbul with the support of the Turkish Society of Immunology (TSI). The full-day programme - featuring the EFIS Board, TSI representatives and special guest speakers Andreas Diefenbach and Antonio Lanzavecchia - can be downloaded here.


The Final EFIS on Tour Symposium of 2019 was held November 8, 2019, hosted by the Czech Immunological Society c/o the Czech Academy of Sciences Institute of Physiology in Prague. This was also the first EFIS on Tour Symposium to benefit from the dedicated sponsorship of BD Biosciences. The EFIS Board is extremely grateful to BD Biosciences for supporting the EFIS on TOUR series and looks forward to pursuing the partnership in the coming years. The full program of the Prague symposium is available here.


On occasion of the first EFIS Strategic Retreat, the tenth EFIS on Tour Symposium took place at the German Rheumatism Research Centre (DRFZ) on February 21, 2020 in conjunction with the German Society for Immunology (DGfI). The programme of the event can be downloaded here.


The eleventh EFIS on Tour was held jointly with the Catalan Society for Immunology (SCI) on occasion of their annual meeting on November 19-20, 2020. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the symposium was broadcast as an online event only. The programme of the SCI 2020 annual meeting is available for downloading here.


Again due to continued COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions, the twelfth EFIS on Tour was co-organized as a virtual event with the Irish Society for Immunology. In spite of (or thanks to...) being available exclusively online, the symposium attracted more than 600 registered attendees. The full program can be downloaded here.


No other EFIS on Tour symposia were scheduled in 2021, as the EFIS Board continued to meet periodically only remotely. However, with 2022 and the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, a hybrid EFIS on Tour was organized with the Polish Society for Fundamental and Clinical Immunology. The symposium programme is available here.


In June of 2022, on occasion of the Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Society for Immunology, EFIS traveled to Reykjavik, Iceland for the 14th EFIS on Tour symposium. Download the programme here.


The most recent EFIS on Tour Symposium was hosted by the Austrian Society for allergology and Immunology on march 31st, 2023 c/o the Medical University of Vienna. View the programme here.