Job Market

Seeking excellent European immunologists? Please send your job offers to the EFIS Coordinator. Once the position is filled, please send a note to remove your vacancy from this page.

ERC-funded post-doctoral position in cancer immunology c/o the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

A postdoctoral position is available in Oren Parnas' lab at the Lautenberg Center for Immunology and Cancer Research, Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada, Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, on a project involving the manipulation of immune cells in the context of different disease models. The successful candidate must have a PhD degree in biology or bioinformatics and have prior experience in molecular biology, immunology, and cancer biology. The candidate should also have outstanding interpersonal skills, a pure interest in science and at least one publication as first author in a peer-reviewed journal. Full details available here.

Postdoctoral position available c/o the Humanitas Research Center, Milan

The Immunity and Inflammation Unit at the Humanitas Clinical and Research Center in Milan (IT) is recruiting a highly motivated researcher to join their group to conduct a project on tumor immunology/immunotherapy, specifically on tumor immunology in prostate cancer. The candidate will explore the impact of the innate immune response in tumor progression and metastasis formation in cancer mouse models. A major focus of the project will be the preclinical and clinical development of new immunotherapeutic strategies aimed at reprogramming the tumor microenvironment against cancer initiation and progression. Interested candidates should send a CV including a list of publications, a motivation letter, a brief statement on research experience and a letter of recommendation to Dr. Diletta Di Mitri at

Two vacancies for Postodoctoral Research Fellows in Systems Immunology c/o the University of Oslo

The Centre for Immune Regulation of the University of Oslo announces two three-year Fellowship positions for Postdoctoral research Fellows with background in either experimental or computational systems biology c/o its Department of Immunology. Full details avaible here.

Postdoctoral position in CD4+ T cell biology, Nice, France

The Osteoimmunology, Niches and Inflammation Team in the Laboratory of Molecular PhysioMedicine, Nice, France is looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic post-doctoral researcher with a strong background in immunology to participate in a project focusing on the effect of biotherapies on the balance between inflammatory and anti-inflammatory CD4+ T cells. Click here for full details.

Two/Three-year Postdoctoral Position in Osteoimmunology in Nice, France

The Osteoimmunology, Niches and Inflammation Team in the Laboratory of Molecular PhysioMedicine, Nice, France is seeking a highly motivated and talented post-doc to participate in the project "Origin and role of inflammatory osteoclasts, novel therapeutic targets in rheumatic diseases".  Click here for full details.

PhD positions available at Humanitas University

Applications are now being accepted for 12 PhD positions in the PhD course of Molecular and Experimental Medicine at Humanitas University. For full details visit the dedicated website.

PhD Position in Inflammasome Research - University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany

The Freiburg Inflammasome Research Laboratory of Professor Olaf Groß at the Institute of Neuropathology, University Medical Center Freiburg is offering a PhD Position. Click here for further details.

Postdoctoral position opening c/o the Institute for Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene at the Technical University Munich, Germany

The recruiting group is interested in the cellular immunoregulation of human T cells in health and disease. Their particular focus centers on the question of how T helper cells differentiate, how their cytokine memory is maintained and whether and how they undergo functional plasticity in settings of infections as well as chronic inflammatory diseases. Read more here.