Day of Immunology


The annual Day of Immunology is just around the corner. Save the date: April 29, 2016!


Although public interest in health issues is high, people without a scientific background often miss the relevance of immunological research and findings. Moreover, scientists are rarely encouraged to explore in the art of public relations, and consequently face difficulties conveying their knowledge to an audience outside the scientific community. Our aim was to create a bridge between our growing understanding of the immune system and informing the public and individual patients, in order to improve health and well-being in general.


Since 2005, the Day of Immunology has been the occasion to gather European scientists to bring immunology to the public. Due to its great success, it has been celebrated worldwide since 2007.


We strongly encourage every immunological society and federation to participate.  Use any promotional materials you want. To help, EFIS provides teaching materials that you can freely use to create a winning campaign.


Design your campaign the way you like using any media you wish - posters, film, video, social media, email or regular mail.  Ask all your members to give interviews, lectures, join classroom discussions, meet teachers and talk to friends, family and neighbors about their amazing immune system!


Reserve April 29 as the day to discuss immunology with everyone you know.  Your participation is shaping an international community of immunologists dedicated to improving health for people around the world.


Moreover, EFIS, together with IUIS, will be awarding cash prizes for the best 2016 campaigns. The contest for the best public relations campaign for the DoI is now open, and all National Societies of Immunology and Regional Federations are eligible to win. Applying for a prize is simple - just follow the steps below. We look forward to celebrating the DoI awards with you at the ICI Melbourne, 21-26 August 2016.


2016 awards and the prizes are:

  • Best International DoI Award - €2.000
  • Best European DoI Award - €1.000
  • Best 2016 Theme DoI Award - €1.000
  • Most Original DoI Award - €500


Criteria for Awarding Prizes


Prizes will be awarded to the candidates who develop and implement a campaign with most success. Awards will be given based on the campaign’s originality, clarity, and impact at national or regional level.

How to Apply


Designate one person among your staff or members to be the "Ambassador" for your campaign. Your Ambassador will be the contact person for all information regarding the campaign.


Send the name of your Ambassador, his/her email, phone, address and a short description of your action plan to:
Deadline for entry: April 15, 2016


Your campaign should take place on or around the Day of Immunology, April 29, 2016.


After your campaign is complete:


Submit a report, which should include what you did, an estimate of how many people you reached, and what were some of the major results. More information about how to submit a report will be sent to your Ambassador.


Submit the detailed report to:
Deadline for reports: June 1, 2016