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ACTERIA Prizes awarded by EFIS

EFIS is delighted to announce the opening of the call for applications for the 2021 ACTERIA Prizes!

Together with the Fondation ACTERIA - ACTing on European Research in Immunology and Allergology - EFIS will award a total of 2 prizes – 1 for immunology and 1 for allergology – for early career researchers with up to 10 years postdoctoral experience. Click here for full details.

Eastern Star Award Launched

To address difficulties that many Eastern European laboratories face to find resources for consumables needed to conduct high-impact experimental research, the EFIS Board has created the EFIS Eastern Star Award. Details follow here.

ACTERIA Prizes awarded by EFIS

The FONDATION ACTERIA and EFIS are delighted to announce the winners of the 2020 ACTERIA Doctoral Thesis Prizes awarded by EFIS!

On the recommendation of the ACTERIA Prizes Selection Jury, the 2020 ACTERIA Doctoral Thesis Prizes are awarded to

  • for immunology: Ai Ing LIM, France, nominated by the French Society for Immunology (SFI) for her dissertation on "Cytokine Control of Human Innate Lymphoid Cells Development and Function"
  • for allergology: Martijn SCHUIJS, Belgium, nominated by the Belgian Immunological Society (BIS) for his thesis on "The Pathogenesis of House Dust Mite-driven Asthma: From Barn to Bedside"

Congratulations to both 2020 Laureates! Read more about the ACTERIA Prizes awarded by EFIS here.

yEFIS Task Force Launched!

Building on the efforts of junior researchers from several EFIS Member Societies, EFIS has launched the yEFIS Task Force with the intent to create a network dedicated to young immunologists throughout Europe. Read more here.

Save the Date: 6th European Congress of Immunology

Remember to save the date for the next European Congress of Immunology, September 1-4, 2021, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.